Murrow Mentors.


Murrow Alumni are ready to equip students with the tools and knowledge they need before graduating. 

What is the Program?

The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication alumni offer a wonderful mentoring opportunity students looking for work in the communication industry upon graduation.

This program is intended to leverage the talent, experience, knowledge and professional networks of alumni and other professional volunteers to coach Murrow juniors and seniors who have demonstrated the discipline and perseverance required to secure a good entry-level job in communication.


To be eligible for the Murrow Mentors program, you must be a junior in good academic standing with a minimum of 60 completed credits and a maximum of 75 completed credits after grades post in May 2019. You must be certified in one of Murrow’s three degree programs. In addition, you must have completed and passed Com 300 with a C or better.

Not all students will be matched with a mentor. Matching occurs in late spring/early summer for a fall start or in the winter for spring start. Matching is based on available mentors.

The Murrow Mentor Program has a rolling application cycle with most matches being made every summer for a fall start. There will be some off cycle mentors available mid year. Students apply for a mentor through the cougsync portal. If questions, contact Sara Stout at [email protected]. For more information on this program visit