Adobe Photoshop has endless possibilities within its program for users. However, sometimes the simplest things, like saving an image in the right format, can trip up new and experienced creatives. Now, let’s get learning with this 4 step process! 

Step 1: Choose File> Save As

Go to the upper left corner of the program and click the Save As Menu to save the file in a new format. 

Step 2: Time to Change the Format

Change the original format in Adobe to a JPEG format for your selected image. 

Step 3: Name the File

By setting a file name it makes it super easy to relocate your image in the future. Click the Save As field to ensure your changes are made. 

Step 4: Ready to Export?

Choose the Image Options for the JPEG. Adobe will also prompt you with other options such as image quality and format options as well. Click OK and your’re done!

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