Adobe Illustrator offers an array of tools for users to play within the program. Let’s show you some Illustrator basics to get you going on your projects.


1. Starting Building Your Artwork with Simple Shapes

Adobe Illustrator allows you to create simple vector shapes and edit them with easy to use control. The live shapes you work on are always editable so there is no loss in quality while refining them. 

Draw simple vector shapes and edit them with easy-to-use controls. Live Shapes are always editable, so you can keep refining with no loss in quality.

2.  Typography Is Key

Typography is important in any design and Illustrator offers a library full of high-quality fonts to choose from. All you have to search for is the Adobe Typekit and chose the fonts that best suit your design.

3. Colors Matter

Adobe makes it easy to select parts on your project to edit. You can pick colors through the swatch panel on your program or click along the spectrum in the Color Picker!

4. Make Layers a Habit

Picking through parts of your project is an unnecessary step you can avoid. Making saving and labeling your layers a habit to ensure your sections are locked into place and safe from errors. When you add art you can easily separate it from other layers by locking it, hiding it, or selecting the object itself. 

We hope that with these tips in mind you can be on track and ready to start your first project in Adobe. If you run into any trouble, check out for assistance.