Creating a new image on Adobe Photoshop is simpler than it looks. Follow this quick 11 and easy 10 step process and you’ll have your new image. 

1. Choose File→New. Or press Ctrl+N (Command+N on the Mac).
2.  Type a name for the new file.

3. In the New dialog box, select a preset image category from the Preset pop-up menu.

4. If you selected an image category from the Preset menu in Step 4, select your desired preset Size for that category.

5. If you chose Custom in Step 4, enter the width and height of your image manually by typing the width and height of your choice in the text boxes.

6. Enter the resolution for the new document.

7. From the Color Mode drop-down list, select a color mode.

8. Select your desired color depth for your document.

9. In the Background Contents drop-down list, select an option for how you want the background layer to be filled.

10. Click OK to Save! You’re done!

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