Canva is a an easy to use website that helps you build designs for all types of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more.  No design skills are necessary to get started and the website makes it super easy to play with colors, fonts, and images. 


1. Design Type

Canva allows you to choose what type of platform you want your design to fit on and depending on your creative needs. You can choose preset options or do custom. 

2. Beginner? Use a Template!

Canva makes designing simpler by supplying you with thousands of templates to mix and match from. You can edit all the individual parts of the content on the template and more. Testing out templates will help you get the hang of it. To find inspiration, you can also go into the template search bar and find idea for your project. 

3. Publishing and Downloading

In the upper right corner of your Canva creation page, you will see an option to publish and/or download your work in a PNG and JPG option. Canva makes it easy to also share your work with others and collaborate before the final submission process. 

4. Need More Canva Knowledge?

Visit the to create your first from scratch masterpiece.

For more Murrow Resources on Canva, visit for all your tutorial needs.